Mission Statement

The mission of the Shaolin-Do Association (SDA) is to preserve the arts of the Shaolin Temples of China, develop the mental and physical abilities of its members, provide a community for its members and their families, and instill a spirit of excellence in our endeavors.

To Preserve the Arts of the Shaolin Temples of China

This statement, more than any other, defines what the SDA is about: preservation of the Shaolin art. It is our primary reason for being. Only by learning, practicing and teaching will the art survive. The members of the SDA are dedicated to this first statement so future generations can benefit from the knowledge that was gathered by the monks of the Shaolin Temples.

Develop the Mental and Physical Abilities of Its Members

To truly represent the Shaolin art, we must train ourselves to be the best we can be, with the abilities that were given to us. SDA members encourage each other, in a positive and helpful manner, to reach their goals.

Provide a Community for Its Members and Their Families

The SDA is committed to building a framework for the exchange of ideas and information for its members. The Shaolin arts are thousands of years old, but every day someone rediscovers an aspect that may have been overlooked. In the light of new research, new meanings can be given to thousand-year-old teachings. The SDA is dedicated to bringing the information to its members.

Instill a spirit of Excellence in All Our Endeavors

What we learn in Shaolin-Do can and should be used in our daily lives. The SDA wants to share with all its members the individual successes of the students of Shaolin-Do. As SDA members, we strive to be a success through dedication and consistent effort in all of our activities.

About Us

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Shaolin-Do Association
c/o Sin Thé Karate School
282 Gold Rush Rd.
Lexington, KY 40517

Phone: (859) 275-2148

Email: webmaster@shaolin-do.com
Twitter: @shaolindoassoc

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